6 Real Travelling Risks That Could KILL You

6 real travelling risks that could kill you

Travelling to a country you’ve never been to that doesn’t speak the language that you do can be a dangerous errand, but you can mitigate a lot of life-threatening dangers by avoiding these 6 risks:

1. Walking around barefoot
The beach is a common place for people to relax, and it is also a popular place to let your feet breathe. After hearing my friend’s story, however, it may make you reconsider walking around barefoot.

While on a business-sponsored trip to Hong Kong, my friend decided to explore one of Hong Kong’s local favourite beaches- Shek O beach. As he was taking in the air, he felt a prick on the sole of his foot. Upon investigation, he immediately rushed himself to the hospital as he discovered what pricked him was a needle embedded into the sand.

His foot was infected, and he had to pay a hefty sum (He didn’t have travel insurance). Fortunately, he recovered with no permanent injuries. What a blessing that the needle was not infected with any life-threatening diseases.

2. Purchasing Illegal Drugs
So have you never seen the interior of a prison? Good. Keep it like that.

There’s a good chance you won’t know who’s dealing what to you and that is a major risk- especially in a foreign country.

Drugs like marijuana are harmless, but purchasing medication means coping with hustlers who have no qualms about making a couple of dollars or selling you product that is adulterated.

3. Gambling in Casinos
Never mind the fact that casino gaming is a fantastic way to burn money.

In countries that are poor, casinos are hubs for criminal activity. Casinos are controlled and run by gangs or corrupt politicians. Gains are funnelled to illegal activity, making it a lose-lose situation for everybody except the bad guys.

Have some respect for yourself and for the locals, and do not patronize casinos.

4. Flaunting Wealth
What a great way to get robbed.

Traipsing a not-so-wealthy city’s streets with an iPhone in your hand, a bulge in your pocket along with a watch on your wrist is dumb and obnoxious. Among these lessons, travelling teaches us humility, and you will find it much easier to interact with the locals if you dress and behave.

If you dress like a target for thieves and scam artists, you become a target for thieves and scam artists. Do not draw a big red cross on yourself.

5. Getting Wasted
There is a difference between getting wasted and getting buzzed, although I am all for having a few drinks while travelling. After drinking too much alcohol, weaving down a street in a part of town late at night will make you a simple target.

6. Travel Insurance
Travel insurance is a must. It comes in handy if:

  • You get hurt or become sick (like how my friend did in risk #1)
  • An evacuation is needed
  • Your possessions are stolen
  • You will need to cancel your journey

Travel insurance is easy and cheap to get. There is no excuse. If you do not have insurance and you’re travelling, you need to receive coverage now.

Safe Travels!

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