Romantic Cities to Have Dinner in Australia

I recommend helicopter flights in Wineglass Bay

Every individual has their own ideal view of a romantic dining place. Personally, I love travelling to Hobart, and I always stay at one of the best hotels in Tasmania. I think it’s so beautiful and romantic there with nature and ocean views. Actually, a little tip for those of you travelling there soon, there is an amazing experience I want to recommend: helicopter flights over Wineglass Bay. So amazing! Anyway… Australia presents a variety of locations that may just kindle the spark of almost every couple or individual. Its…

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Your Guide to Dark Mofo 2019

Grab Lunch in hobart during dark mofo

The annual Dark Mofo festival is coming up soon in Tasmania, and you’re invited! Get ready for two separate weekends full of art, music, food and culture. I’ve got my tickets sorted, my accommodation booked and a stomach full of butterflies! I’m pretty much ready to start packing, and the festival is still a couple of weeks away. I want to share my trip itinerary with you guys though, and let you know about the best events that I’ll be heading too. Come along! To start off, let’s talk about…

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Getting Active in Tasmania

free walking tour Hobart

I don’t know about you, but I love being in nature. That’s one of the many reasons why I love travelling to Tasmania. Feeling the cool breeze on my face, smelling the saltiness from the ocean and listening to nothing but trees… what a dream. I can’t wait to go back. I love it so much I decided to write this blog post on it! The thing is, Tassie is a great place to get active, especially in nature. Firstly, I want to state that I am not normally a…

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Gallivanting through Tasmanian Wineries

Wineries in Tasmania

Tasmania creates elegant, cool climate wines at about 200 smaller vineyards and wineries, and many of which have restaurants offering vineyard or water views. Tasmania’s wine and food experiences spring out of the pristine water and clear atmosphere and the ability of its own growers and manufacturers. In addition to its magnificent wines, it creates famous cheese, premium honey, beef, and a few of Australia’s finest boutique beers. Australia’s southern island is broadly recognized as the house of premium sparkling wine production in Australia. Its mild summers and long fall days…

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Travellers! Have You Broken Travel Etiquette?

travel etiquette mistakes to avoid

Travel etiquette. The unspoken rules everybody follows but nobody talks about. Let’s make sure you aren’t acting with behaviour that is contentious, from battling over the armrests to skipping invisible lines. Travel Etiquette Rule #1: The Armrest If you have ever been in a quiet battle with the individual(s) beside you for control over your shared armrest on a plane, When it has to do with armrests, it is one armrest per passenger. The armrest with your outlets and your media IS YOURS. If your neighbour insists on invading your…

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6 Real Travelling Risks That Could KILL You

6 real travelling risks that could kill you

Travelling to a country you’ve never been to that doesn’t speak the language that you do can be a dangerous errand, but you can mitigate a lot of life-threatening dangers by avoiding these 6 risks: 1. Walking around barefoot The beach is a common place for people to relax, and it is also a popular place to let your feet breathe. After hearing my friend’s story, however, it may make you reconsider walking around barefoot. While on a business-sponsored trip to Hong Kong, my friend decided to explore one of…

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3 Luxury Hotels In Australia You Must Visit

3 luxury hotels in australia you can't miss

Looking for a Luxury Hotel to accompany your trip to around Australia? Our guide provides the top three prestigious country escapes in Australia. Qualia, Hamilton Island, the Whitsundays, Queensland Qualia is a luxury escape exclusively for adults designed and supplied by Freedman Rembel with patterns and fabrics inspired by nature. A selection of 60 stone, wood and glass pavilions face the water and are surrounded by bushland. Enjoy produce, have a charter cruise be pampered at the spa or visit Whitehaven Beach. Southern Ocean Lodge, Kangaroo Island, South Australia For…

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Imagine Getting Paid To Travel In 2019.

get paid to travel in 2019

Travelling the world is great. Getting paid to do it is better. If you’ve ever had that thought but feel like it’s only a pipe dream then think again! We’re proof that when you set your mind to it, you will have the ability to get paid to travel. Every single day, more and more people grow tired of their regular 9 to 5 job and want to change things up, but it’s not as easy as dropping off a resignation notice and picking up a ticket for Berlin. You…

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