The best-designed hotels in the world

At the moment, boutique hotels are thriving. Each month, we see beautiful interior projects from leading design hotels. For the creative ones, there is an endless supply of business. When it comes to choosing a hotel based on design, which one is the best? Are you looking for a weekend away? Need an inspiring spot to write that long-awaited novel, or maybe you are looking for a stunning place to pop the question? Whatever your reason is you will need a well-designed hotel that is compelling and inspiring. We all…

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Create A Beach Holiday Vibe At Home

beach vibe at home

Returning from your travels but missing the beach? Don’t worry. Coastal styling is a popular requested design trend these days. Whether you live by stretches of sand and blue skies or you right in the middle of town, surrounded by cars and noise, you can still experience the coastal home. If you have been dreaming of a beach home that you can relax in this summer, you will be pleased to know it is quite easy to achieve the look of a coastal home. With the right colour palette and…

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How to spend your time off in Melbourne recreationally?

It can be hard to know what to do when you have time off. Here are some reasons to help you decide whether to visit a museum or a theme park or maybe both.  Many people don’t often visit museums as they tend to think they are boring and wonder what the appeal is. The people who do visit museums will have different reasons from social to personal. Education Museums are a great way to learn about human history and the different cultures around us. Just by viewing art you…

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Best use of Portable Air Compressors in the Travel Sector

Travel diaries

Vintage air compressors and fittings use the same basic principles as new models of portable air compressors. Apart from household use, air compressors are must-haves for travellers. For road trip enthusiasts, owning digital tire inflators is a surefire way of producing air compression. During the next road trip, don’t forget to include a portable tire-pump air compressor in your checklist. Let’s share some benefits of taking air compressors in vehicles during a trip. Cordless or Cord Type Air Compressors? Portable air compressors are handy and versatile tools. Without compressed air,…

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Romantic Cities to Have Dinner in Australia

I recommend helicopter flights in Wineglass Bay

Every individual has their own ideal view of a romantic dining place. Personally, I love travelling to Hobart, and I always stay at one of the best hotels in Tasmania. I think it’s so beautiful and romantic there with nature and ocean views. Actually, a little tip for those of you travelling there soon, there is an amazing experience I want to recommend: helicopter flights over Wineglass Bay. So amazing! Anyway… Australia presents a variety of locations that may just kindle the spark of almost every couple or individual. Its…

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Your Guide to Dark Mofo 2019

Grab Lunch in hobart during dark mofo

The annual Dark Mofo festival is coming up soon in Tasmania, and you’re invited! Get ready for two separate weekends full of art, music, food and culture. I’ve got my tickets sorted, my accommodation booked and a stomach full of butterflies! I’m pretty much ready to start packing, and the festival is still a couple of weeks away. I want to share my trip itinerary with you guys though, and let you know about the best events that I’ll be heading too. Come along! To start off, let’s talk about…

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