Important Expos Held At Melbourne City Conference Centre

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The Melbourne City Conference Centre (MCCC) in Australia hosts engaging events and expos. Apart from expos held at this Melbourne City Conference Centre, it hosts commercial activities like tradeshows. There are spaces for press conferences, meetings, and social networking activities. Usually, clients ask event planners for halls that are easily accessible for city centres.

From the MCCC’s location in Melbourne, guests can access public services like the University, and State Library. Other important places that are accessible from the MCCC are Chinatown, train stations, buses, and shopping malls. It’s a business district with many residents that are coping with their busy lives. This article highlights expos that occur at the Melbourne City Conference Centre annually.

Choose From the Five Spacious Halls

At the MCCC in Melbourne, you’ll see 5 halls for hosting different events. They include the Price Hall, Auditorium, Studio 277, Chapel (for weddings and other religious meetings), and Chapel Hall. The 1863 Chapel with Victorian architecture is one of the most notable heritage structures.

Generally, clients use the MCCC’s Price Hall for workshops and big industry events. It offers high-speed broadband internet access for guests and functional audio-visual equipment for organizers of the expo. Without these technologies, it will be hard to enjoy the best service for any corporate event venue.

In Melbourne, many residents value the significance of this building. It adds some splendour to your wedding events. This hall is an ideal place to organize your next bridal expo event for wedding planners and couples.

Also, Studio 277 is a cozy meeting space with a maximum seating capacity of 40. The Studio 277 is well-decorated for small parties. Celebrants can enjoy soft glows of the skylight with their guests during birthdays and private events. While this interior space has modern architectural designs, the seats are arranged like a theatre for closed-door meetings.

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While these halls have function amenities, organizers often make alternative plans for their events. However, the City Conference Centre offers fast internet, projectors, and speakers. During the expo event, these technologies create comfortable spaces for attendees. Also, guests use the support of technology during seminars too.

One of the unique features with the MCCC is its options for indoor spaces. As a prestigious conference centre with much history, the Auditorium can accommodate 700 guests for exhibitions, weddings, and live concerts. While Price Hall is smaller, there’s a cozy Chapel Hall for small meetings. However, dance enthusiasts can use Studio 27 for practice sessions.

Hiring a catering service is of the disadvantages of hosting your events at the Melbourne City Conference Centre. Management of this doesn’t have cost-effective packages for organizers that need some supply of in-house food and drinks. So, organizers have to prepare for the hassles of hiring the best caterers for delicious food, and drinks. After a long expo session, guests need to relax with great-tasting homemade dishes.

Ample Parking

Melbourne CBD is a busy area for business activities, but the MCCC has ample parking lots. This event space has on-street parking services, but it comes with a fee. For large events at this venue, it will be convenient for guests to use the closest underground car park. You can access some parking spaces at the Melbourne Central shopping centre.

Other Expos in Melbourne

Displaying your products during expos and trade shows at the MCCC can create positive impacts. Normally, guests bring their high expectations to events that are hosted in bespoke venues. Manufacturers of innovative products often showcase their best models and attract customers. Additionally, property, fashion, startup jobs, and wedding expo organizers crave for these the MCCC halls.

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