Romantic Cities to Have Dinner in Australia

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Every individual has their own ideal view of a romantic dining place. Personally, I love travelling to Hobart, and I always stay at one of the best hotels in Tasmania. I think it’s so beautiful and romantic there with nature and ocean views. Actually, a little tip for those of you travelling there soon, there is an amazing experience I want to recommend: helicopter flights over Wineglass Bay. So amazing!


Australia presents a variety of locations that may just kindle the spark of almost every couple or individual. Its main cities have all kinds of services, work and leisure activities at your disposal. Listed below are a number of romantic dining spots in the city. 

I always stay at one of the best hotels in Tasmania

Sydney has two renowned romantic dining spots in the region namely; Junk Lounge and Otto. Junk Lounge is described as a warm and dimly lit restaurant serving amazing Australian harvest with an Asian focus. Their service delivery is also described as one of a kind. Not forgetting to mention their original cocktail menu. Otto is known for its water view. They focus mainly on the modern Italian Cuisines putting much emphasis on the fresh seasonal produce which is usually served with a variety of wine options for yourself and your date.

Melbourne also a city in Australia, makes us appreciate its fine dining experience. It has quite sophisticated restaurants such as No.35 and Estelle by Scott Pickett. No.35 is known for its modern European cuisine and magnificent city views. Its dining area is complimented with warm and friendly staff, a beautifully done interior design and amazing dish collection. Estelle by Scott Pickett, on the other hand, is bound to give you a food experience of a kind. They have a seven-course meal which is served under intimately dimmed lighting and lustrous setting. Those who have had the pleasure of dining here say that the attention to detail is visible from the food to the service offered.

Brisbane presents us with two dining spots namely; 85 Miskin St though located outside the city, it serves dishes from all over the world and E’cco Bistro which holds a strong character, with the help of their locally obtained ingredients.

Adelaide, on the other hand, gives us Cliché and Press Food & Wine. Cliché is perfect for exploring the magic taste of French culture and food from kooky chefs and cocktail makers. It brings together 24 local artists and DJs who create a romantic and electric atmosphere. Press Food & Wine, however, rely on the local produce to make amazing dishes.

Perth names two of its most romantic restaurants namely 1907 and Blackbird. 1907 has a reputation of being warm, self-serving and romantic. Blackbird is recognized for being an intimate dining place at the side of the lake. Its services are considered flawless and the place has a great ambience.

Notably, what one considers romantic may be ordinary to a different person. It is, therefore, necessary to know what you want and what exactly you are looking for before having to settle for a specific dining spot. Others do not look at the setting to consider a place romantic, they solely rely on the location, type of music or how silent the place is, with this it is difficult to put together all the romantic spots in the region. However, beaches have always been considered romantic maybe due to the activities and the environs.

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