Gallivanting through Tasmanian Wineries

Wineries in Tasmania

Tasmania creates elegant, cool climate wines at about 200 smaller vineyards and wineries, and many of which have restaurants offering vineyard or water views.

Tasmania’s wine and food experiences spring out of the pristine water and clear atmosphere and the ability of its own growers and manufacturers. In addition to its magnificent wines, it creates famous cheese, premium honey, beef, and a few of Australia’s finest boutique beers.

Australia’s southern island is broadly recognized as the house of premium sparkling wine production in Australia. Its mild summers and long fall days are much like the famous European wine areas. The vineyard soils are formed from early sandstones and mudstones and from recent river sediments and igneous rocks of marine origin.

Tasmania includes seven wine growing regions – at the north west the Tamar Valley and the North East regions in the northwest, the East Coast, the North West and the Derwent Valley, Coal River Valley and also Huon/Channel regions from the south.

The elegant and decadent wineries near Hobart provides an extravagant yet serene experience to the public who wish to gallivant around the vineyard the whole day and sip on the most fresh and refreshing sip of wine they devour. 

The valley generates 40 percent of Tasmania’s premium excellent wine. Moreover, there are several beautiful places to stay in Tasmania which provides a boom for tourism and makes it enticing for visitors to come back again for the Tasmanian goodness. 

The South Tasmania region includes the Derwent, Coal River and Huon Valleys – regions that change in terrain and adventures.



Tasmania’s first grapevines made a wine which was revealed in a Paris exhibition in 1848.

Ancient European migrants recognized the similarities between the soils and climate of Tasmania and people of the excellent grape growing areas of the homeland.

Hobart is indeed blessed – in more or less every compass direction in town there’s a prime wine country. Create your way to historic Richmond and the Coal River Valley which will treat you for some series of high heeled vineyards. Turn south off the Huon Valley and you will not only be greeted with crispy apples and rosy ribbons, but a plethora of fine wineries. There is also the Derwent Valley, and a lot more areas where grapes simply flourish. 

Tasmania has long attracted tourists as well as plenty of relocations using its natural beauty, and many will also be coming to the ethnic and foodie attractions that the locality is ever famous for. Lots of new wine pubs and nice (although not necessarily pricey) restaurants have emerged in the past few decades, all with the quality that Tasmania is well-known for, such as salmon, mackerel, noodles and cheese. Tasmania is also gaining a solid reputation of creating some of the finest Pinot Noir and Sparkling wine in Australia. There are wineries in every single area of Tasmania, and several are open for the public to taste.

The Hobart and Southern Region, that boast a variety of cultural experiences which are surrounded by enthusiastic producers creating amazing Food and Wine which will blow your head and taste buds. Appreciate Fresh Oysters, take a look at a Cheese manufacturer, behind the scenes winery tour and much more signature adventures than what can be mentioned here.

The Freycinet Coast has more sunny days than anywhere else in Tasmania, coupled with cool nights and closeness to the sea, everything results in fantastic wines and create world-class nature. Around every turn is a new perspective, jam packed and a marvel of flavours, vistas and adventures that will transcend any expectations you had when you ventured into the pristine state of Tasmania. 

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