The Best Museum Exhibitions of 2019

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You must be digging a hole or living underground if you have never visited a museum. Art enthusiasts like me can’t imagine a long period of not seeing an amazing array of museum exhibitions.

There are museums with dazzling collections of both vintage and contemporary designs presented on elegant exhibition display plinths. From London to Los Angeles, the creativity of artists can’t be underestimated. However, this article will provide useful insights into some of the best museums with art events that have happened in 2019.

The Mapplethorpe in Guggenheim, New York City

The major art exhibitions this year at the Mapplethorpe was between January 25 to July 10, 2019. However, the next major exhibition started on July 24, 2019, and will end on January 5, 2020. At the Mapplethorpe, art enthusiasts will see beautiful works from Robert Mapplethorpe.

Apart from his early Polaroid’s, exhibitions in the mixed media category will inspire you. Robert Mapplethorpe was one of America’s renowned 20th-century photographers. However, he’s considered by many people as a controversial creative mind. Normally, organizers of the exhibition categorize the event into two parts. While the first part focuses on Guggenheim’s collections, the second showcases self-expression arts from contemporary artists.

Jacopo Tintoretto’s Collections

One of the most exciting museum exhibitions in Venice is the celebration of Jacopo Tintoretto’s collections. As a painter, Tintoretto earned a place in history with about 50 paintings and a couple of drawings. However, art enthusiasts visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C this year (between March 10 to July 7). It was a grand event because the artist’s works have never been featured in the U.S. The birthplace of this artist has been a venue of celebration before 2019. You can visit the Palazzo Ducale in Venice to experience it. Also, you will see some of Tintoretto’s designs as Venetian prints and drawings.

The Art Basel Project Cities Exhibition

Wouldn’t you love to visit Buenos Aires (Argentina) for a 3-day art exhibition? This Latin American country is home to contemporary art enthusiasts. The Art Basel Project Cities exhibition (ArteBA) is an event for curators, collectors, and creative artists. Also, the city of Buenos Aires is remarkable for its lovely weather. This year’s exhibition was at Palermo’s La Rural Exhibition Center. The event (between April 11 to 14, 2019) had some display of Latin American arts.

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The Oscar Rejlander Art Exhibition

Oscar Rejlander was an artist and photographer that died in 1875. However, this Swedish artist was an Oscar award winner with a great mastery of camera operations. His works have been displayed at the National Gallery of Canada. Rejlander’s collections of 150 works make him an inspiration to contemporary artists is. These collections have remained a masterpiece of human and animal images. One of his popular photographic collections includes the Expression of Emotions. It was done in 1872 as a collage of 30 negatives in a single picture.

Visit New York City for Leonard Cohen’s A Crack in Everything

New York City is a place to work and explore the American dream. However, your visit to New York City is not complete without attending an art exhibition at the Jewish Museum. Leonard Cohen’s collections have been exhibited at Musée d’art Contemporain de Montréal. Other cities that have availed art enthusiasts this opportunity are San Francisco and Copenhagen.

Apart from exhibiting his original works, art museums in America have displayed contemporary works from artists that have been inspired by Cohen. This year’s exhibition was between April 12 to September 8, 2019, and we saw ‘A Crack in Everything.’ It’s one of Leonard Cohen’s works. As a songwriter, Cohen was creative with drawings, and multimedia arts.

We’ve had the pleasure to admire the works of many great artists this year, from up and coming to legends of the art industry. These artists and their works have been carefully curated and selected by the above museums, meticulous about every little detail in their exhibition setup. From the placement of a painting, choice of museum display service, to selecting the right lighting and music to be played.

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