Travellers! Have You Broken Travel Etiquette?

travel etiquette mistakes to avoid

Travel etiquette. The unspoken rules everybody follows but nobody talks about. Let’s make sure you aren’t acting with behaviour that is contentious, from battling over the armrests to skipping invisible lines.

Travel Etiquette Rule #1: The Armrest
If you have ever been in a quiet battle with the individual(s) beside you for control over your shared armrest on a plane, When it has to do with armrests, it is one armrest per passenger. The armrest with your outlets and your media IS YOURS. If your neighbour insists on invading your space, have a conversation with them; get comfortable talking with your seatmate and find a compromise together. Two elbows can share one armrest.

Travel Etiquette Rule #2: Reclining
Reclining your chair is the travel etiquette question on the market.
If you’re flying locally, the etiquette guideline isn’t to recline your chair. There is a leg space nowadays and reclining chairs take up much space for the person behind you. If you’re on a lengthy trip (i.e. international flight) and will be reclining your seat for sleeping or otherwise, ensure that the person behind you’re not in the midst of eating their dinner on the tray table until you recline. I wouldn’t hurt too to take an extra measure of consideration and inquire if it is okay if you recline your chair.

Travel Etiquette Rule #3: Cutting the Line If You Are Late
You are running late for your flight and there is a massive line at airport security/customs. You will never make it. What should you do? In case you miss your flight and wait in line? Beg the folks in front of you to allow you to cut?

There are two great options here:

  • Throw yourself at the mercy of those folks before you, asking them to allow you to go ahead so that you can make your flight (I have seen this happen many times, and passengers seldom say no to a polite and distressed request).


  • Locate a TSA agent/airport worker to describe your situation too. They will often help you bypass the line to make your trip. But don’t cut with no great reason and a fantastic explanation for the fellow passengers.

Travel Etiquette Rule #4: Swapping Chairs on an Airplane
It is a moral dilemma when someone asks you to change seats on a plane so that they can sit near their travelling companion, especially if you’ve carefully chosen (or maybe paid extra for) to your chair

It is entirely up to you whether you’d like to give your seat or not; you are entitled to your seat as you paid for it. If you don’t mind where you sit as long as you get to your destination- why not exchange your set? However, if this is a spot you paid extra for, you have the rightful ownership to this spot and are entitled to decline the request politely.

Travel Etiquette Rule #5: Talking
Looking forward so you can rest or read your book, but the individual next to you has other programs? Make your own if you can’t select your environment. Bring an eye cover for napping, and use headphones to listen to music or movies (whether in the terminal or on the aeroplane), or earplugs to block out unwanted conversations. If your seatmate will not stop conversing with you, speak up and let them know that you no longer wish to talk.

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