Your Guide to Dark Mofo 2019

Grab Lunch in hobart during dark mofo

The annual Dark Mofo festival is coming up soon in Tasmania, and you’re invited! Get ready for two separate weekends full of art, music, food and culture. I’ve got my tickets sorted, my accommodation booked and a stomach full of butterflies! I’m pretty much ready to start packing, and the festival is still a couple of weeks away. I want to share my trip itinerary with you guys though, and let you know about the best events that I’ll be heading too. Come along!

To start off, let’s talk about how to get there. I chose to fly with Jetstar because it was the cheapest option – but you can also choose to go by boat (ferry) if you want to bring your own car. I think the ferry is called The Spirit of Tasmania. It leaves from Melbourne, I’m pretty sure, so if you’re from out of state you might need to fly anyway. One thing to remember though, if you are flying – make sure you pay for luggage! When you pack for Dark Mofo you’re packing for a mid-winter trip, so you want to have enough room to pack warm clothing, jackets and shoes.

For accommodation, I chose a boutique hotel in Hobart. It was really cool, with art and stuff everywhere – it felt very on-point for the art and music festival. There are many options though, you can choose to stay at a hotel, an Airbnb or even camping (although that might be a bit cold in winter!). I just prefer living close to the action – so if that’s you, maybe stay in Hobart! That way you can grab some nice lunch in Hobart between sets and exhibitions. If you want to stay further away though, for a bit of nice and quiet, you can rent a car a drive to the different locations if you want to.

Boutique hotels in Hobart for Dark Mofo

Ok, now that we have the basics covered – what to do during the festival?

Well, let me tell you! These are the absolute highlights, that I’ve booked and that I highly recommend.

  • THE NIGHT MASS: This mysterious extravaganza is a delight for the senses. It’s basically just one big labyrinth of different music performances, hidden away bars and lines to get into spaces you don’t know what they contain. Exciting indeed!
  • LATERNE BY BERLIN ATONALLATERNE BY BERLIN ATONAL: This is a full day of sound and visual mayhem. Organised by the Berlin-based festival – this is bound to be an amazing experience รก la Berghain.
  • BORDERLANDS: Another collaboration, this event offers a myriad of sounds and effects to stimulate all your senses. The Borderlands event is expected to be quite full-on with experimental music and…people.
  • THE FOREST: Okay this one I’m so excited about… The description only states “Lose yourself in a contemporary ruin of art, noise, performance, and the violent undergrowth of human nature”. I mean, if that doesn’t get you excited I don’t know what will.

…and that’s it! I don’t know what else to tell you. It’s a very mysterious festival, there is super limited information available before each weekend and you kind of have to go to experience it all. I will make sure to take photos and share it all with you afterwards.

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